Tomorrow, tomorrow!

I am so excited! I find out the sex of my baby (hopefully) tomorrow afternoon. My doctor wanted to wait until I was at least 20 weeks, but I just couldn’t wait that long. I need to know now, so that is why I found a place that does, I guess you could call them cosmetic ultrasounds? Haha..whatever they are, I get to see my sweetpea tomorrow. Yay!

In other news, I ordered my books for next semester (my first semester at LU).  Nine books!! I am definitely going to be busy, but I have to keep going. If I stop going to school now just because I am having a baby, then I will keep finding excuses to continue putting school off. Speaking of school, I need to do some homework before True Blood tonight. Have a great Sunday everyone!

One thought on “Tomorrow, tomorrow!

  1. Yeah for baby Samber!! I can’t wait to see what Samber is…and see if it has Sams teeth, Hahahaha jk on the last part. And yeah on school!!! Samber has one smart mamma and will be proud of you when it gets older. Sorry for all the “it” references.

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