Nursery Ideas

So, I should totally be writing a 4 page paper on why a Liberal Arts education is necessary for a Christian, but I can’t help looking through photo galleries of nursery ideas! I am not a theme person by any means. I mean, if you want to put Pooh Bear all around your child’s bedroom, fine, but I just don’t like it. I find it tacky..sorry! Just my opinion. I like more simplistic and versatile “themes”. Especially in mine and Sam’s Japanese house where the walls, floor and sometimes the ceiling are all wood. I plan on emphasizing the furniture and colors for baby Samber’s room. The crib and changing table we are getting are very modern looking, so it will look great in room we are using for the baby’s room. I plan on just doing white bed clothes for the crib and then white cushions for the glider with very bright, and colorful pillows and accents. I like red, blue, orange, yellow, green, dark pink..colors that will really get a baby’s mind going. So the nursery is going to be pretty simple. I was looking at The Bump’s nursery galleries and found these nurseries that I really loved. Next baby we have, hopefully we will be in a place where we can decorate walls and such, I will definitely be stealing some of these ideas!

Love, love, love the stripes and the colors! I especially love the ABC's poster.

I really love the simplicity of this nursery. And the zebra rug is super cool too.

I know I said I hated themes, but the Jonah wales are adorable. I really like the busy wall and the way the rest of the room is simple.

So cute for a little girl's room. I love the designs, and all the white.

This one is definitely my favorite! I love the bright colors. This is the closest to what our babies room will look like, minus the colorful bed clothes.

4 thoughts on “Nursery Ideas

  1. Those are really cute nursery room decorations. I love the first one and the blue and white designed one. Keep me updated on what you end up doing. I am getting soooo excited!!

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