Watch Out.

Holy moly, what is wrong with me lately?! I’ve had this horrible attitude for the past week or so. I’ve been negative about most things (except the days that I have coffee) and I have been a complete smart-a** to just about everyone (coffee normally enhances this).  I mean, it’s nice to finally tell some people what I think of them and not care, but I know that soon this will go away and I will care because I could really hurt somebody being this way.  Blah! I have chosen to have my coffee every other day though. That way I can get some positive days in, even though I’m mean (but really, it’s only if someone says something stupid, like, just think before you speak people!), and then I get a break from being mean too.  It’s been working out nicely for me while I cope with the new (and hopefully, temporary) me.

So, I spent about 2 hours really privatizing my facebook page last night.  Part of the reason is because of the above mentioned problem, but mostly, I don’t want the whole wide world to know what’s going on my life, but I do want some people, like my close friends, people I talk to on FB, family, and Oki friends (well, most of them), to know what is going on in my life! So I put most people on my friends list on what is called a “limited profile”.  That way they have access to my page and can still stalk me to an certain extent.  They can’t see most of my photo albums and a few choice people (don’t worry, no one who reads this blog) cannot see my wall.  I slept much better last night, for some reason.  So if you find you are someone who has limited access to my profile, do not take offense, I am only trying to protect you from the wrath of pregnant Amber (and any future belly pictures I might post), and also, I just want to make my life a little more private. Oh and if you find that you cannot see all of my photo albums, it may not be because you are on the limited profile, but I made those private for only me to see. I mean, I had almost 1,000 pictures and who in the world would ever want to go through all of those?

You know what? Now that I think of it, I’m pretty positive most, if not all, of my readers have not been put on the limited profile, so really I just wasted 3 minutes typing that whole last paragraph! Anyway, pregnancy is just like normal life, for me anyway.  Well, besides this weird mood I’ve been in and the food restrictions which I have thrown out the window for the most part.  I have good reason for that though. WE ARE THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT PUTS SO MANY RESTRICTIONS ON PREGNANT WOMEN!!! I swear, America has made pregnancy into a 9 month disability or something. Nobody else does this to their pregnant women..NOBODY!! And guess who has the lowest IMR? Places like Singapore, Japan, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden..places that don’t treat their pregnant women like they have a disease.  In fact, the US is around number 50 on that list!! 50!!!! So, I have been enjoying my turkey sandwiches, my coffee, my soft-serve ice cream and (GASP!) my sushi. I didn’t say I was eating a whole slab of raw tuna, so don’t freak out, but yes, I have been eating raw sushi about once every 2 weeks.  I have not been brave enough to enjoy a glass of wine every night like millions of pregnant women in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD do, but I might have one…once a month or something.

Well, I’m done for the day. Judge me if you want.  I’d rather spend my time enjoying the sunshine and the delicious cup of columbian coffee.

5 thoughts on “Watch Out.

  1. cool. You seem like all is going well. I just don’t want to see you get laid up in bed for several months, so be careful. Although, you are more conscientious than most people. ILY

  2. This post has made me so mad!!! You have eaten sushi every 2weeks….without me?!?!?!? Hahahaha just kidding. So I thought this post was pretty funny!! I know you were being serious in it but I can just see you going off on somebody and then feeling guilty ….and then realizing you were right…but you still feel bad…like an emotional roller coaster. You know I don’t think its the coffers at all, I think its your company. Leave those 4 legged biatches behind girl, they are bringing you down! Haha again just kidding. So we definitely NEED to hang out soon like today or tomorrow, I have not meet mean Amber but she seem like a bad a$$. Hahah I am just full of jokes today! (Hope you think these are funny!)

  3. Dear Amber,
    It won’t last evem though you will be pretty weird though until you have finished with your infant’s infancy stage and realize that your baby will be fine. Otherwise, hold on. There is much more weirdness to come. I could tell you some stories…. Know that we all love you, so pull inward if you need to. That is what all first-time pregnant woment do (and women with their first baby). You are supposed to act this way; it is part of your nature as a woman and protector of your young. The others who don’t understand will never understand.


    Aunt Yvonne

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