Nursing Cover – Finished!

This took me all of 30 minutes yesterday evening.  The longest parts were ironing and pinning. I get so impatient, but it really is important to iron all of the seems into place and pin them, then to press the seems open when finished.  It looks more professional and clean.  Anyway, here is the nursing cover!


Little window for mommy, but watch out for that tall, creepy man that keeps slowly walking by.


The straps..adjustable, of course.


Apologies for the awful pictures. My camera has finally kicked the bucket.  “Little Blackie”, I called her…she’s seen a lot of things in her day. Oh well, now I can get the Nikon that I have been begging my husband for since last year!


3 thoughts on “Nursing Cover – Finished!

  1. Looks good. I’ve never seen one. Of course, I never used disposable diapers, wipes or wipe warmers. Never had a wedge to prop baby on her side. Just used a receiving blanket to cover with or to roll up and prop. All three of mine slept on their stomachs too. It’s a wonder they lived through infancy! It really does look good Amber, I hope you get lots of use out of it.

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