Dogs 101 – Shiba Edition!

I was watching a show on Animal Planet today called Dogs 101.  It covers 3 or 4 breeds of dogs in one show, and while they don’t cover ALL of the important characteristics of each breed, they do a good job of telling the audience what kind of household the dog would do best in, grooming requirements, and how easy or hard it is to train the breed.  Here is the one for the Shiba:


They did forget to mention a very important part of the Shiba’s life: blowing it’s coat – TWICE A YEAR! I think it’s a big enough event to mention and could possibly deter people from getting this breed.  Their hair literally falls off for about two weeks straight, two times a year. You can just grab handfuls of hair, sweeping is non-stop and they start to look like they have mange. It’s a big job. They also didn’t mention the “shiba scream”.  That is one of the most entertaining thing about these babies! Whenever I put Kitsune’s harness on him (and he knows he’s going for a run) he lets out this scream over and over. It’s so cute…and loud, but mostly cute. He also does it when he’s playing with other dogs or chasing his tail, which he does a lot.  Another thing is that they are very prey driven dogs, and will run away.  Yes, they are loyal, but when they are on something’s trail, they block out everything (your desperate pleas to come back, screaming, crying, etc…) to chase whatever it is down and catch it.  It’s very scary and Kit always has to have a leash on if he’s not in an enclosed area.  Last thing, on the video they say that Shiba’s don’t really like strangers, but Kit loves everyone new who  walks through the door, particularly the ladies.  He does his shiba scream, his little ears fall back and he goes crazy when people come over. It’s so adorable.  That’s all for today!

Kitsune!! (kit-soo-nay)

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