Teddy Gram

Eleven weeks yesterday! It still does not feel real to me. It’s almost impossible for me to believe that in just 6 short months, I will be holding mine and Sam’s baby.  So weird.  Sam is so sweet.  He only gets to call once a week, or so, but when he does he always wants to know how I’m changing. He says, “Is your belly any bigger yet?” Haha. I actually think I am skinner than I was at 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy.  I started working out again, like swimming and yoga, and am looking pretty great! Haven’t traded in the bikini for the baby belly yet. My symptoms are pretty much gone.  I get incredibly awful heartburn and nausea if I wait too long to eat, but other than that, I am feeling pretty good at this point. My NT scan is coming up and I’m a little nervous about that.  There is no reason that anything should be wrong, but I guess you never really know until they check the baby.  I am so excited to see this little teddy gram again! It should look a little more human than last time.  In fact, here are those pictures:

Our little teddy gram! 9 week ultrasound

3D scan...so cool! 9 Weeks

2 thoughts on “Teddy Gram

  1. Oh i love the 3-D image! and Welcome to the life of everyone with acid reflux. Haha. I get sick if I wait too long to eat as well. I hope that doesn’t mean it will be worse for me when I have my own kids!
    I wish swimming was an exercise I could do here!!!

  2. Yay!! I can’t wait to see little Samber!! I will probably continue to call her a little teddy graham because its so cute.

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