Home, School, and Baby Samber

Oh my gosh! I have been so tired lately. I really do think about posting an update every night, but I literally cannot keep my eyes open past 10pm.  I went to a party the other night (that is not uncouth for a pregnant lady, is it?) and I felt like such a loser scooting out at 9:30pm.  That was about the time when everyone was getting sloppy, so it was easy to sneak out unnoticed. Okay, so the past few weeks have been busy. I flew home last Wednesday to Kentucky to spend a few months with my family and friends while Sam is gone doing bad-a** Marine stuff.  Thursday was my first official prenatal appointment. I have only gained 2 pounds (at 9 weeks) and I got to see and hear my baby’s heart beat. It was so magical! Forgive me for being mystified by something that seems, um, not so mystifying to most.  I just think it is so neat that I have another human growing inside of me and just hearing that incredibly fast and new heart beat…it just made me so giddy and happy! I just laughed and smiled. It was so sweet. That was just hearing the heart beat. I got to see the little bean with arms and legs. He/she was sooo cute! I have a few pictures and one of them looks like my baby is a teddygram, without the ears on top of it’s head, of course. I really wish Sam could have been there to see Baby Samber, but alas, duty calls, just like it always seems to do when I need him the most.

I started the first of 3 classes that I have left before I finally graduate. Whoo-hoo! Then on to more school! It has been so nice to be home with family and friends. I wish so badly I could stay here for the duration of my pregnancy and for the birth. Anyway, hopefully I can get back on track with my normal blogging as soon as I get my energy back. For some odd reason, an inch long fetus that weighs under an ounce needs all of the energy I can muster.

Oh and today is Memorial Day. Remember the sacrifices that our service members make everyday and the thousands of service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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