Pregnancy…So Far

I’m so glad I get to talk about my pregnancy publicly now! I just found out so early (3 weeks, 5 days) and I didn’t want to tell everyone then. We were actually going to wait until 10 weeks, however Mother’s day presented the perfect time to let our little secret out.

Pregnancy has been rather easy so far. I know I’m only 6 weeks in, but I was expecting far worse by now. So far I have been feeling like a borderline narcoleptic. I have very frequent “sleep attacks” that occur various times during the day.  However, at night, when I wake up to go to the bathroom (thanks to my over-functioning kidneys and the gallon of water I consumed that day) I find I cannot go back to sleep right away. I’ve been having to go downstairs to the kitchen to grab a small glass of milk to put me back to sleep. When I do sleep at night I have the craziest dreams, some bad, some really good. But I ALWAYS wake up out of my dreams completely parched. My throat becomes so dry. I’m not sure if I’m getting dehydrated or if I’ve all the sudden become one of those people who sleeps with their mouth open.  In recent days (starting at 5wks, 4 dys) I have been nauseous late at night when I can’t fall back asleep, through the morning, and on to lunch. I don’t actually get hungry until about 3pm. Of course I eat anyway. It’s torture forcing food down your throat when your body doesn’t want it though. I know this little embryo needs some nom-noms, so I suffer through it. I really only want cold drinks like juice, water, and COLD milk, carrot sticks with ranch dressing, fruit, and baked beans. Anything else just does not sound appealing. I think that’s it so far on the pregnancy symptoms.  I did have awful metallic mouth, but that went away after week 4, thank God! I had my first batch of blood stolen from me the other day. The lab took 6 or 7 HUGE viles of blood from me, then the guy looked at me like I was a wimp when I said I needed to lay down for a second.  I swear, it was like they drained 1 whole leg of me! I get finally get to see Baby Samber at the beginning of June sometime. I think it will be more real to me and Sam then. Anyway, I think I am going to pass out for the night, until about 2am when I wake up again.

Oh yeah! Sam made our first purchase for Baby the other day:

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy…So Far

  1. Thanks for all the details Amber, I have been wondering about all the changes you were going through. I’ve never been around a healthy pregnant lady before. Hahaha As soon as you get the tiniest little bump take a picture and show us!! It will make me feel like I’m really there with you 🙂

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