Yoga Mat Bag

I have been neglecting my sewing machine lately, so today I decided to pay my little loft a visit.  Yesterday my friend, Mandi, and I made our way down to the House of 66 Cents (local fabric store) and I found some cute striped canvas-like fabric that I planned on making a beach bag out of, but instead I decided to make a yoga bag since I will start going back to yoga class next week.

I didn’t work off of a pattern, I just measured my yoga mat and went from there. I wish I would have taken pictures of all the steps, but I did remember the measurements!

I started out by cutting my pieces. The part that is actually the bag measured 20″ x 28″.  Then I cut the circle that goes at the bottom which was roughly 7 inches in diameter.  I cut little notches in the circle so it would curve easier when I sewed the circle to the body of the bag.  For the strap, I simply cut two strips 5 inches across and about 32 inches long, but this will depend on how big or small you are. Mine could’ve been a couple inches shorter and I am 5’3.  After I cut all  my pieces I sewed the raw edges of the strap together and made that look pretty. Then I sewed the bottom circle to the body of the bag, but right before I closed it off I sewed the strap into that too. Then I hemmed the top of the bag, sewed up the side and attached the top of the strap. It took me about half an hour.

Hopefully the fabric I ordered from comes in soon. I really want to get started on the adorable quilt I have tucked away in my mind. Oh, Jeopardy is on, so that means it’s time to cook dinner! Have a great day everyone!

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