It’s been raining all week!

I wonder if rainy season has started here on Okinawa? It was about this time last year that it rained for a whole 30 days, so I know it’s coming soon. I have been stuck inside all week, not able to do yard work, or drive since our roads here are made from coral and it is incredibly slippery when wet. Really, it’s like driving on ice sometimes. Good news is, I found a new quilt that I want to make! I stumbled-upon the cutest blog today, called Oh, Fransson!, which is where I found this beautiful quilt.  I have wanted to make a bird themed yellow and gray quilt for a while now and found this set of fat quarters on Fabricworm.  I’m so excited!!! Hopefully my fabric gets here before the weekend does since Sam is leaving soon. I need things to keep me busy! I started a new book last night, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. I also have a few other things to occupy my mind for the time being, but we’ll talk about that later. Anyway, I came across this story this morning. Not sure if it’s true, but either way, it’s a great message and a great Barney-style interpretation for those that don’t quite understand what Jesus Christ’s purpose was.

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