We Are Home

Finally! After 5 long months (5 long months that I thought would fly by) we are home! It feels so nice to be back in my own house. Don’t get me wrong, I loved staying with Robert and Debbie and I loved being able to see my Momma and Bubby all of the time, and my BFFF Sarah, too, but there is nothing like being in your own, comfy home. In honor of our return, and demanded by Sam, I made Oki-Soba last night for dinner.

It’s probably my favorite thing about this place. I think Sam thinks it’s a hassle for me to make this dish, but really, it’s the easiest thing I make. You just throw your meat (I use beef instead of pork) into the wok, when that’s done, toss the vegetables in there, then they yummy sauce, then the even yummier soba noodles!

I need to figure out what is in this sauce..so far I have not been able to find it in the states.


I actually used a green bell pepper too, however I almost forgot about it until the last second.

Anyway, it was amazing. I think I had almost 2 servings, and Sam ate the remaining 4 or so.

Kit seems to remember this house very well. When we got home Sunday night, I was unpacking the bags in the foyer and noticed that I hadn’t seen Kit in the past 20 minutes. I walked upstairs to find him cuddled up in his old bed. It’s almost like he never even left the place, although he did forget about his basket of toys. When I showed it to him, he freaked and ran circles around the living room couch.

I am really excited to get back in touch with the girls here. Since I left in September there have been 4 births! It seems like so much has changed. I feel really out of the loop. Hopefully not for long! Anyway, I’m starving for breakfast so I am going to wrap this up!

I think that I will end this post on a more doleful note, just for my BFFF, Sarah who hopes that I hate this island so much that I pack my things and leave.  I do miss my other home and everyone who is there. The homesickness has not set in yet, but I know it will come soon. Until then, I am going to take full advantage of this out-of-nowhere love for Okinawa! There goes my depressing ending..sorry Sarah! Haha.

One thought on “We Are Home

  1. Thanks for the shout out my friend! I really don’t want you to hate Japan, just find a way to come home soon 🙂

    But I am glad you are in your cozy little home with good friends surrounding you. Oh and your food look soooooo good! It makes my mouth water looking at it.

    I can’t wait to read more of your blogs and stay updated on what’s going on with you.

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