On To Book #2

I finally finished Why We Can’t Wait by MLK, Jr.  It was such a great book and I highly recommend that every American..heck, everyone read this amazing history book.  I already held Martin Luther King, Jr. in high regard, and this book just reaffirmed why I respect him so much. Here is a bit of the review that I posted to my Goodreads:

I think that every American should read this book. MLK, Jr. was an amazing man who was in love with God and who had a heart for people. He had an amazing understanding of what Jesus Christ would do and, I believe, was a great example of what a Christian should be. As I re-read “Letters From a Birmingham Jail”, I was reminded how loving and forgiving of a man he was, even to the people who despised him the most. He had a vision of a world where everyone was treated equally, no matter what the color of their skin, and nonviolence was how he was going to reach that goal. The last words of the book, “Nonviolence, the answer to the Negroes’ need, may become the answer to the most desperate need of all humanity.”, made me realize just how big his vision was. In the second chapter, he refers to nonviolence as “The Sword that Heals”. I think this is a great allusion to the nonviolent actions that were used to heal years of segregation and the awful things that took place in the South against black people. This is a great history book and should be read in every high school!

I know The Republic is supposed to be my next book, but I decided to skip around. I just don’t feel like my brain is up to the task yet. So I have decided to start on number 15 of my 2011 Reading List, The Geography of Bliss, by Eric Weiner. I must say that so far this book is very humorous. Chapter one made me laugh out loud about 5 times already.

You know what I have been forgetting lately? My Japanese words! Today’s words are abiru (ah-bee-ru) which means to take a bath or shower, or to bask in sunlight, (Note that the Japanese “R” is pronounced differently then the English “R”. )and the other word of the day is the Japanese word for abhor, which is nikumu (nee-koo-moo).

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