Scalloped Cowl For a Snowy Day

It’s snowing! I always say that I hate the snow, but I actually like the snow, it’s the cold that I disfavor. Luckily, I can make cool accessories to keep me warm, like this cowl:

It’s like a scarf, but without the annoying tails blowing everywhere!

It only took about an hour to make. I got the pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn website. Here is the link for the instructions. I would just add that the beginning chain should be a bit loose so your pretty cowl does not choke you while you’re throwing snow balls at your dogs, like it did me! We live and learn though.

Here is a little more detailed picture of what the design looks like:

So, I am not going back to Japan tomorrow. Turns out, I may not be going back until December. That does not excuse me from continuing my Japanese language lessons however, so I am going to go through my Japanese-English /English-Japanese Dictionary starting with the first word of each dictionary, hopefully everyday to help me memorize random Japanese words. Today’s words are abara, which means bone or rib, and the Japanese word for abandon, which is akirameru. Not words I use in my everyday vocabulary, but hey, it couldn’t hurt to know them, right?

That is all for today.

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