It’s been a while..

Well, it sure has been some time since I have last posted. I was trying to get every waking second with my husband before he left for another 2 months. We had a wonderful Christmas.  My 24th birthday was pretty fun, too. We went to Hawk’s View Gallery, which is an awesome little cafe with amazing food and glass blowing.  New Years Eve was okay.  I did not drink a drop of alcohol, which is nothing new, since I recently decided that alcohol does nothing good for me.  I still have a glass of red wine here and there, but alcohol really just makes people fat and causes wrinkles earlier in life.  Also, my 24 year old body does not take kindly to hangovers anymore.  I remember the days when I used to drink from 9pm on Friday night to 4am on Saturday morning, sleep for 6 hours, get up on Saturday, have a full productive day and repeat the previous night. Then get up on Sunday morning and go to church in no pain whatsoever. Those were the days…that I packed an extra 10-15lbs around because of the copious amounts of beer I used to consume.  I am so glad that I have grown out of that. Now, if only I could get Sam to do the same. Back to New Years Eve – we went to visit one of Sam’s good friends and the best man in our wedding, Josh, at his apartment.  We stayed for a couple of hours and watched the ball drop. Sarah and I tried to find ways to entertain ourselves by hiding 30 tomato soup cans around the apartment.  It was hilarious to us for some reason.  When it came time for us to leave, which was about 1 am, Josh got upset because he didn’t get Sam “for one night, just one whole night!” WTH?!! Sam is a married man! He no longer stays the night at his friends house, drinking all night! He comes home to his sleep with her..because that is what good husbands do.  I guess it’s hard for guy friends to accept the changes their newly married friends go through.  I think Josh is in denial though.

Oh! James, my sister’s British boyfriend, loved the presents Sam and I got him.  James loves Sean Bean, so Sam and I made a coffee cup with Sean Bean pictures all over it. He loved that. But I decided to make him a pillowcase with a picture of young Sean Bean in his underwear on it as a joke. His reaction? He loved it!!! I mean, he actually really loved it…he sleeps with it every night.

Welp, I’m off to start a new sewing project. I am making a flannel shirt from the Built by Wendy book that I bought Debbie for Christmas.

Our Christmas Tree

One thought on “It’s been a while..

  1. hahaha. i never even saw this post. yes..he loved it, but i won’t allow it on the bed now because it doesnt match my lovely bedsheets i bought the other day :):)

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