My Monkey Brother

Before I start talking about my baby brother, let me just say that I had such a good time last weekend.  I missed my Dad and the rest of the Richardson family, but I had so much fun with my newly acquired family – the Wrights.  Malibu was chilly, but beautiful.  We got to take many great pictures and meet some pretty cool people.  It was nice to get to spend more time with Sarah and Eric together.  Thanksgiving dinner was soooo yummy! There was a New Yorker sitting across the table from me and he asked what the noodle things were…poor thing had never heard of chicken and dumplings.  I guess they are some kind of noodles, but come on…you never call them that.  They get a name all to themselves, in a category all their own! Anyway, it was a great time with many laughs.  We will see about doing it again next year.  My sis-in-law wants to make it an annual tradition, but Thanksgiving is normally reserved for my Richardson family. Hey, it’s only fair – Sam and I get to spend Christmas with his family and my mom’s family…that’s fair, right?

Oh! Mom wanted to get some family photos made of us (me, Stephy, and Brett) and her, so we did that this morning.  They turned out beautiful, and a few of them can be seen at the Billy Grubbs website here.  It was cold, but we had fun.  Brett was such a fact, I am going to post a few videos of him…two from lunch today and one from last night’s Christmas tree decorating party at Mom’s.  Enjoy!

This is Brett making snow angels…or carpet angels. He was aimlessly staring at the ceiling, but then he caught me video taping him.

That boy and his bazaar faces.  He’s such a weirdo.

These are his sweet dance moves. He just gets lost in the music.


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