Thanksgiving in Malibu

So, Roberto, Debbie and I arrived to LAX safe and sound and (almost) on time today. The airports were not as bad as everyone had predicted. We were greeted by Miss Sarah Fay and her lovely homemade sign that said “Welcome to Thanksgiving 2010” with an outline of her hand traced and decorated to look like a turkey. It was really cute. After we arrived, we dropped Roberto off to get a nice massage while Sarah, Debbie and I went to work out with Sarah’s personal trainer. He kicked our butts, but I think we surprised him some too. It was fun, anyway. Then we met up with Eric and went to eat at this awesome little place..I forgot the name, but I had the best quesadilla ever made today. It had mahi mahi, pineapple, caramelized onions, tomatoes, and cheese…and maybe some other things, but it was sooooo good. After that, we made our way to the house and we have just been have a great time together so far! I miss my Dad, since I normally spend Thanksgiving with him, but I am so glad to get to see my husband (in about 8 hours!!!) and spend time with Sarah and Eric. This is going to be a really cool weekend, I can already tell. Okay, night-night time for me.

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