O Christmas tree…

So my new job at Hobby Lobby is turning out to be more than I bargained for.  I thought part-time seasonal meant 20-25 hours a week, maybe working every other day. WRONG! I started on Wednesday and I have worked 8 hour shifts every day since then.  I have not had a job like this (on my feet all day) in about 5 or 6 years, so I am completely exhausted every night when I get home.  I was in bed before 9pm on Friday and Saturday night.  I commend the people who actually have to do this every day (which is most of the world).  I am lucky that I can quit without any worries anytime I feel like it.  I do enjoy working around all of the Christmas stuff, though. It’s really put me in the Christmas spirit. In fact, I wrapped some presents and helped Debbie put the Christmas tree up the other day.  By the way, I am normally totally against putting the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. Oh, Roberto and Debbie came to see me at Hobby Lobby the other day and as soon as I turned around, I see Roberto’s Iphone in my face..he was snapping pictures of me in my ugly blue smock and sending them to my husband. I just noticed something interesting: when I typed “Iphone”, a little red line did not appear underneath the word to identify it as being misspelled.  Hmm…I guess Iphone is officially in the dictionary?  Welp, I’m all sweaty from my hardcore P90X workout with Debbie, so it’s shower time for me.  We are going to get mani-pedi’s today after church and I’m SO EXCITED!!!

If you look close you can see peanut butter on his bottom whiskers..my little baby fox!

Debbie's beautiful Christmas tree! I get to help Momma with hers next week!

Unfortunately these will have to go to the back of the Christmas tree since they do not match. I had to have the dove wrapping paper though..I love birds. I love lamp.

2 thoughts on “O Christmas tree…

  1. I know what you mean about being in the Christmas Spirit, the cold weather puts me in one but the real evidence to me is the heavy traffic on the Outer Loop : ) Anyways I love the tree picture, you all did a great job! I can’t wait to put mine up (by the way I am totally for putting the tree up November 1st) haha We need to hang out soon!!!!!!

  2. I love Christmas!! . I am so excited about christmas, the kids will be home it always so much fun with them home. I have put up my tree by myself for several years since the kid have left. It was fun having Amber here to help this year !!! Thanks Amber for helping me , Love you . Debbie

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