So I made another shirt!!! I really took my time on this one and it actually turned out to be really cute! I wore it right after I made it, while I was making another one for Debbie. I wore it to bed that night. I wore it for my morning coffee. I wore it for my morning yoga. I wanted to wear it for my morning shower, but then decided against it.  Anyway, my point is..I love it! I’m so happy I finally made something that I actually love! Here it is..with my morning coffee…

I never saw that movie…Flashdance..it’s a movie, right? I do really love this shirt because I really love the 80’s, even if it was considered one of the worst fashion decades ever.

Here’s a random question: Have you ever found yourself in a tartle? Do you even know what a tartle is?? I find myself in a tartle often, because I have the hardest time remembering names! I would not remember any of my new Okinawa friend’s names if it were not for Facebook (sorry friends, I am SO BAD with names!).  Anyway, a Tartle is a Scottish word that describes the act of hesitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name. In Japan, we have bbq’s at our house because it’s pretty huge and I forget people’s names all of the time, so I try to make them introduce themselves…haha…this doesn’t help the situation, but at least I have a word to describe it now!

Okay, that’s it for today. I have to go get ready for game night at Tony and Amber’s house!

4 thoughts on “Flashdance!

  1. did you get tartle from stumble? Just curious. I also have the occasional tartle incident. Cool shirt! You should try and make some clothes for ava. Infact childrens custom clothing is a great business idea. $

  2. Yes, Sam! I stumbledupon a list of untranslatable words from different languages and “tartle” was one of them. Stephy, I will make you one too!

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