Smokers – You suck again!

So for some odd reason, I have a subscription to TIME magazine.  It’s odd because I never signed up for it, nor do I pay for it, but every week a new one shows up in the mailbox.  I never really read them…just skim through, hoping to find something interesting.  Sometimes I get lucky, like with this week’s edition, but most of the time, TIME magazine sucks. This week, TIME has an article about how smokers are killing us all (again) with THIRDHAND smoke! Unfortunately I cannot link you to it because it is not available via, so you’re going to have to trust me on this one.  So thirdhand smoke is what is found in carpet, clothes, on surfaces, in smoker’s hair, etc…AND (get this) research has shown that thirdhand smoke is just as bad, if not worse, because it sticks around longer, than secondhand smoke, AND it has been linked to SIDS, asthma, and health and allergy problems in children who are constantly exposed to it.  Shame on you (again), smokers.  I don’t understand people who smoke.  I mean, if you think about it, you have to be a pretty selfish person to smoke.  Not only are you killing yourself, and will one day leave behind people who love you, like your CHILDREN, you are killing everyone and everything around you.  How selfish? And besides being selfish, you stink, your fingernails, skin, hair, and teeth are ugly, and you’re more prone to vascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and dementia (and many other things).  I don’t know about you, but walking around in a diaper pooping myself, talking to Walt Disney while reporting a sighting of Bigfoot to the authorities for the 10th time that day when I’m 73 does not sound appealing.  Alas, you keep puffing that cancer stick, soiling our life-sustaining gas around you and everyone else. Again I say, shame on you.

Oh wow, what a rant.  Sorry about that! I will say that I know many people who smoke, many people who I love very much.  I still think they are very selfish.  They are stealing their own lives away from themselves and from the people who love them most.  I do pray that they can overcome their weakness and selfishness and put down the cigarette, or whatever other type of tobacco it may be.  I watched my Mawmaw die a painful death because she was a smoker.  She knew all along that smoking would kill her. The research has been done! It’s proven – smoking kills you. I feel another wave of anger coming on..On to the next subject!

So I’m becoming more and more interested in home remedies for skin care.  It started with honey, and then went on to a whole new recipe! I did research the benefits of each one of these ingredients before I put them on my face.  I started with raw honey ( I used raw honey to ensure that I got the full bang of benefits from the honey part), which turned out to be very difficult to work with.  I found everything I needed to know about that HERE.  Then I researched olive oil, which is one of my favorite things in all of the earth.  I found some info about those benefits at this website. Then I researched skin benefits of a few other things like raw egg and coffee.  I ended up with this recipe for a face mask:

1 egg yolk

1 tbl spoon raw honey

1 tbl spoon EVOO

3 tbl spoons coffee grounds

I would not advise one to use their french vanilla dunkin’ donuts coffee grounds.  I used organic coffee grounds.  I would, however, advise anyone to please make their coffee before preparing the mask! That way you get the full usage out of your coffee! It was a little messy, but I did eventually get it all over my face.  That’s what she said. (that was for you, Sarah Nevitt!) Oh, that was awful.

I know what you're thinking: "She is so hot, look at those big, green spheres. The coffee grounds, they look like sweet locks of hair." Sorry boys, I am taken.

Do Not Eat

Here are a few images of my facial mask experiment.  It was okay..the long term benefits will probably keep me coming back to this.  There were some immediate benefits! My eyes felt better, because of the cucumber, and my skin felt tighter because of the caffeine.  The olive oil was moisturizing.  I think I will try this again very soon! Welp, I think that is all for today.  Bundle up, it’s cold out there..well, at least it’s cold in Louisville, KY.

You probably can't see the benefits of my experimental facial mask, but I know in my heart something on my face

One thought on “Smokers – You suck again!

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Amber that was AWESOME!!! Thanks for having the same sense of humor as me and thinking of me. This is the 2nd time I read it and I am still laughing. haha nice one

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