Spotted what?

So my religion class ended last Monday and my political science class ends tomorrow and I basically had to use excessive force on myself in order to finish the final products for both of these classes. I was so lazy when I could barely afford to be, yet, as class is coming to an end I find myself searching and spending hours on websites like Open Yale Courses , , AcademicEarth and Lifehacker desperately trying to learn something – ANYTHING! I listened to a lecture on the psychology of food today, and yesterday I started a new course at UCLA called Communication and Conflict in Couples and Families.  Why can’t I be this motivated to learn when I’m being graded, and when it really matters? I have no idea.  This mystery will remained unsolved for now…

Being home has been fun! Kitsune’s allergies have calmed down in recent days and he is no longer sneezing every two minutes.  He is hunting down a moth that is flying around my bedroom as I type.  Sam misses me. Poor thing has no one to cook a decent dinner for him.  I bet he’s skipping breakfast, eating chips and salsa for lunch, and alternating between Taco Bell and Subway every night for dinner.  Sorry Sammy! There is a good thing that comes out of Sam missing me so much…I get to go to Hawaii for the Marine Corp Ball!! I’m pretty excited! Now to find a dress…

My crafty side has run away since I’ve been home, or maybe I left her in Japan..who knows? I just know that I have been to JoAnn’s twice in the past week and stood in front of both the fabric and the yarn for at least 20 minutes each trying to decide if I should (1) make a purchase and (2) what to do with it.  No purchase, though. I can’t find the motivation for anything crafty lately.  I have ideas, and when I walk into the store I am pretty determined to get something, but then I talk myself out of it, insisting that I will not finish it and the purchase will be a waste of money.  Maybe after I finish my 10 page political science paper that is due tomorrow…

OH! I met my sister’s British boyfriend today! Okay, so let me back up for a second. I was at the Meijer grocery store yesterday and in the world food section they have a British food section.  I thought I would pick something up for Jamesy (Stephy’s boyfriend), but I got hung up on the spotted dick they had for sale and completely forgot about James.  Spotted dick? I guess it’s really bread pudding, but I don’t understand why they just don’t call it that? Spotted dick does not sound appetizing at all to me.  It sounds diseased.  Like I should run from it, instead of dig into it with my favorite spoon.  So, back to James, or Jamesy, as I like to call him.  I’m sure he doesn’t like it, but I have a nickname for everyone (whether you know it or not).  I like him.  He’s nice, handsome, and sometimes he says funny things.  He has a cool accent, too.  He did his impression of an American accent today which made all Americans sound like they are from the Appalachian Mountains.  My impression of his English accent wasn’t much better though.  I make them sound like Forrest Gump.  We had a good laugh.  We are driving to my dad’s house in Florida tomorrow night.  It should be a pretty fun week together.  In fact, I should probably pack for that now.  GEEZE! How come I always wait until the last minute to do crap?!

2 thoughts on “Spotted what?

  1. Spotted What i think is my favorite. I laughed extremely hard and yes out of desperately missing you I read your blogs. Love you

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